Pancit Habhab Recipe

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  Pancit Habhad or Pancit Lucban is a popular pancit dish from Quezon Province in the south eastern part of Luzon, in the Philippines. Instead of the usual… Read More »

Chicken Curry Recipe

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  This dish is a Filipino take on the famous Indian curry recipe. Pinoy Style Chicken Curry might not be as spicy as its Indian counterpart but it… Read More »

Diningding Recipe

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  Diningding or Dinengdeng is an Ilocano dish of mixed vegetables boiled in a mixture of water and bagoong juice then served with fried (or grilled) fish on… Read More »

Sizzling Sisig Recipe

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  Sisig is a favorite pulutan and appetizers among Filipino foodies, the dish originated in the Province of Pampanga, it was invented by Aling Lucing Cunanan, it was… Read More »

Papaitang Baka Recipe

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  Papaitan (or Pinapaitan) is a dish made of ox (or goat) innards in sour broth, the souring agent used for this dish are sampaloc (tamarind) juice and… Read More »

Three (3) Cheese Ravioli Recipe

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  I first tasted this dish in a pizza shop at the Mall of Asia, it has a strong Italian taste, I particularly love the contrasting taste of… Read More »

Champorado Recipe

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  Champorado is a favorite Pinoy breakfast dish, it is made out of sticky (glutinous) rice blended with cocoa, sugar and milk to form a rich, sweet and… Read More »

Ukoy Recipe

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  This is my personal favorite, Ukoy has been my comfort food since childhood. The dish is so versatile that you can eat it as merienda or with… Read More »

Turon Recipe

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  Turon is a famous merienda (snack) dish that you can easily find anywhere in the country. It’s a local banana variety called saba rolled in brown sugar,… Read More »

Tortang Giniling Recipe

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  Tortang Giniling Cooking Procedure Heat a medium skillet. Add 1 T of oil and saute the onions till transparent. Add the red bell pepper, then the ground… Read More »